Lost in the sauce

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Hiya 🙂 fellow spies! I know I mention in a previous post about me traveling to France but I never let you all know that I am here. Yep, I have been here for 8 days! Let’s just say it’s very different and the language barrier doesn’t make it any easier. Today, I traveled to Samour, France by train. This was my first time traveling on a train and I slept the entire way. Sleep is foreign here….well in my room it is. It’s a bit challenging because i have never experienced the “college experience.” Therefore, sharing personal space for me is kind of hard.

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Here I am 30 and proud 🙂 trying to manage life with students that are 6 or 7 years younger than I am. I mean the things they are doing now, I have already done. Those drunken nights doesn’t quite excite me anymore and I don’t have the strength to party every night. However, I remember a time when I could party every night of the week and go back to normal as if nothing has ever happen. Let’s just say hangovers aren’t my thing and I have to have 8 hours of rest or else I am a…..fill in the blank.

Although, I am enjoying France,I would be lying if I said, I can’t wait until I am back in America.

Outfit details:

Olive green cargo, Olive green long t-shirt,shades and maxi belted kimono- Rainbow

Guess Backpack, Guess Tennis Shoes- Marshalls


The Style Spy

PS. I haven’t had anytime to attempt to beat a face here and so I am sporting a bare face proudly.


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