Romphim: Male Rompers

The internet is in an uproar due to the new trend of male rompers. Male rompers are short overalls that many women wear. I have noticed an ongoing trend of men clothing becoming more feminine. Menswear has changed over the years from skinny jeans to heterosexual men wearing women’s clothing and calling it okay.  So I wonder what the big deal is about the male romper? I mean men are already wearing kilts, dresses and any other women’s article they can find.


Honestly, I am not totally against the male romper. I believe that style is all about how you rock it.


I know the masses is against the male romper and I am not really sold. Well I don’t want my man to wear it but I am not totally against the male romphim.


Now we are all entitled to our own opinions so please voice yours in the comment section. Are you into the male romper or are you against it and why? Please be aware stating that a man who wears a male romper is gay isn’t a great reason!

Signed by: The Style Spy


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