Met Gala: Art Of The In Between

Many celebrities stormed the stairs and building of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts last night. The Met Gala is an annual event that is dedicated to Costume designs. Each year the attendees are given a particular theme dress code. For many years, it has been a hit or miss. Last night, was  no short of the same outcome. Many of the social media socialites raved about each celebrity dress code for the evening.  It was the night that all the fashion enthusiast came together and enjoyed the art. Check out what they had to say:



I mean it was a social media craze! However, I feel like these are the best looks of the night! They nailed the theme!




The Men came through as well…

But my fave was…. 

That’s a wrap but before I go please tell me what Auntie Solo was doing this year?

Xoxo The style spy


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