Fences play: review

Fences play: review

 I have heard Denzel Washington pay homage to  August Wilson and how his career now is to bring out the screen writer vision. I was granted the opportunity to see the movie fences and I loved it. As a big fan of Viola Davis,and Denzel Washington it was a no brainer that I would go see the movie. I loved the movie as mention before but when I heard a play was coming to Jacksonville and my friend would be the costume designer I was going. However, I didn’t know that the play would be better than the movie. It’s different when you’re in a room with actors acting out the scenes. You can feel the emotions versus when you’re watching it on a screen. Disclaimer: I am sensitive so I can experience it both ways. The setting of a play is more intimate and boy did those actors play the hell out of their scenes. I felt rose pain and I wanted to tell her so bad to leave the man she had love for 18 years.  I was pissed at Troy for her hurting rose and being so stubborn! The different scenes took the audience on a roller coaster. As I examine the audience I saw some people crying with rose as I fought to hold my tears. I heard some people yell out and tell rose to leave! As a member in the audience we shared some laughs,and tears. The actors did such an amazing job bringing this play to life.

Their wardrobe helped tell the story. I followed Keisha Burr throughout her preparation process and notice extra details she made to make sure the clothing was perfect. 
One trick she showed her viewers is how to make clothes look dirty. These work overalls had the dirty effect because of hot cocoa! I must say it did the job well! 
In other scenes I notice the scuffles in a pair of hard bottoms. While spying I learned that she destroyed those shoes to get a hard working look. The amount of details that was taken place in order for this play to be an success is awesome. I hope they take the play on tour because the world needs to see this play done by this crew!
The style spy ?

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