What’s the big deal about 30!

As a teenager, I made a goal that stated by 30, I would be successful with a family and a career. I was adamant that at 30, I was going to have my life together. At age 25, I made a promise to myself that I still had enough time to get my life together. I had enough time to get married. I had enough time to have kids and some kind of way, I had enough time to have this grand career!

Now here I am at 30! No kids, No Husband and a business that I’ve yet to find the right tool to grow it. Usually, I would have a nervous breakdown and get depressed because I am not where I thought I should be. The truth is I have a legitimate business and all I need is one door to open and I will have multiple streams of income coming from several directions because of the ground work that I have done.

I often wonder why is it so much pressure to be married with kids by 30! I mean is that really reality? I know that if I had kids before 30, I wouldn’t have my business or traveling the world. It’s nothing wrong with being a mom or a wife but at this point in my life that isn’t a goal! I have dreams that I must achieve beforehand, or else I will feel like I missed out on something! 30 is my new 20 to achieve every goal that I have ever dreamed of!

I am 30! I am smart, a hard worker, ambitious, loving, successful and FABULOUS!

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2 thoughts on “What’s the big deal about 30!

  1. Hey Lady! So proud of you and the progress you’ve made. Welcome to the 30, club we’ve all been in the same mindset to have achieved so many things of some sort before the ripe age of 30. However, life is what you make it good or bad, so continue to fix your crown and move forward. Wishing you a lifetime of love, joy,peace,happiness and success. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY!

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