Black Magic: Live Art Museum


Jacksonville is doing some amazing things with amazing people. If you missed the black magic live art museum, I feel bad for you son!  This night was filled with people from different walks. When you first enter Delo studios, you were greeted with a live face paint and as you walked in to the various rooms, you saw art. In between we experienced poetry with dance, rap, and poetry that was filled with laughter and even some tears.


Designers like Domo Haynes of Rex D, showcased his line.


I felt like I was in New York in a basement that I have heard about but never got the chance to experience. In the basement is where the real talent was stored, where people presented their crafts and the energy was amazing.


Art is one of the most powerful forms of communication in my opinion! I am still on a high and patiently/impatiently waiting for the next one!

Great Job to everyone who was involve in making this night such a dynamic night!


Style Spy,



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