Trend Alert: Blush

For many Blush is just another spring color but for others it’s a growing trend. This soft pastel color can be paired with anything. I know it’s a saying that says, green is the new black,but I hate to tell you that Blush is the new black. Blush is the perfect finishing touch to add to any ensemble. Blush is a feminine touch that can be added to anything. I mean anything, I know I have said that before.

Blush is perfect with colors like tan,grey, dark denim, baby blue,mint green and sometimes black. I prefer blush with pastel colors like mint green. I love the softness of the color. Be mindful that although it’s the new black it only works with certain colors. Some bright colors will wash out the pastel color. Have fun this spring with a monochromatic look, pop of color, or a mix print blend of the color. Whatever you decide be sure to OWN it!

Monochromatic Look


Photo credit: Inidima Okojie

Pair it with Tan!



Mix it with a print


Have a blast this spring! I am Johnakeshia and this concludes my style report!




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