Style Spotlight: iOne Fashions

Style Spotlight: iOne Fashions

My spotlight’s just keep getting doper and doper. ūüôā every week you can expect a dose of dopeness. This week’s spotlight is iOne Fashions, I recently participated in one of their invite only fashion shows and the show was EVERYTHING! I am sorry if you missed it because pictures does it know justice. Jacksonville has longed for a nice fashion event but let me get off that subject. iOne Fashions is def. making their own pave way so wake up from your slumber about them. Lucky me, my fashion eyes never fail me and therefore, I would like for you to get to know iOne Fashions.
Who are you and what do you do?  We Are iOne Fashion . We are a Fashion Event Co based out of Jacksonville .

What do we do ? We plan and coordinate our own fashion shows and other fashion events , we do fashion show consultations , backstage management and more … we help models build their portfolios,We coach and teach models about the business, we help local businesses brand themselves and promote them , we create art ! Anything fashion we try to get involved and anything we get involved in we include fashion!


How did you know this is what you wanted to do? We both have backgrounds in fashion so we already knew we would always stay in that field. We believe we both found out for sure while helping coordinate and manage a show in Tampa few years ago . After all the hard work and backstage madness and watching everything fall into place , we knew we were hooked !

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?  Planning and coordinating fashions shows all over the world ! Fashion weeks all over the world ! WE ARE CLAIMING IT !

What do you like and dislike about today‚Äôs fashion/style?¬†We love that old trends are coming back , like the chokers and OOOOOHHH,the fake furs … thank you for the furs!

Describe your ideal closet? ¬†Flowy Dresses , Big Ball Gowns , little black dresses , Fur coats , Jackets ! More Flowy Dresses …. Heels ! No Wedges ūüôĀ

A trend that has caught your eye this year?¬†Hand written messages on Jackets and purses , designers have something to say and they are saying it via their creation. whether it’s F#$# Off or Stop Killing us ! (COMMERCIAL BREAK: You can get your Kill fashion not us tee at, LOL) We see you!

What is style to you? Style is a representation of you . Its how you feel that day , evening or season , its whatever statement you want to make .

Lastly, what is your influence? What do you think people take from you?  We believe our influence is showing the world that you do not have to stay in a box,you can break rules.


You can find more on iOne Fashions at,instagram  : ione_fashions, twitter : ione fashions

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