The Secret Weapon


As we all know NYFW has come and brought all of the fabulousness we are hoping for from our favorite designers for Fall 2017 collections. That is the norm. We expect beautiful collections  from the hailed manipulators of fabric and we wait for the reviews or search for them on the famed FITS! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap chat) NYFW as well as the other Fashion Weeks have taken such a different form from its previous years. The most noticeable change: The Blogger! Yes; me, you and us! What is a blogger? Well it is someone who keeps a web log or journal if you will, of a particular subject that interests them. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you my interest because we have the same since you are reading this. Lol.


We’ve put fashion on the map in a totally different way. The front rows that use to be reserved for the buyers, stylist, publicist and editors have to move over and make room for the new guy in town. Bloggers have become one of the most influential people of fashion. We set the tone for the next trends. Forecasters will look to US to make sure that they’ve made the right choices in the things that they’ve chosen as the new and upcoming trend. Even the masses turn to them for updates, thoughts & opinions on all things fashion. There are different fashion subjects that are blogged about. Everyone reads a blog about something! Honestly, I know you will find someone that is blogging about the very thing you love in fashion.


One of the pioneers of one of the hottest fashion jobs is Claire Sulmers. Don’t looked confused,blogging is certainly a job! She is one of the first to begin logging, her fashion opinions into a format that was readable on-line. I credit her in a major way. Claire is my inspiration behind starting a blog. I have so many thoughts and ideas on fashion but sharing them on the web never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I came across her that I decided to blog. She was able to make a name for herself without the help of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snap chat! She’s been featured in numerous magazines. She’s always on the list of invitees for ALL of the Fashion Weeks. This is simply from sharing her views on a beloved subject of ours. She went on to create Fashion Bomb Daily. This is a smash! Men and women all over the globe take hundreds of pictures of their #OOTD(outfit of the day) just to be featured as that days Bombshell. This is her most notable feature on her blog.


You see bloggers are making a major wave in the fashion industry and if you’re not careful you will miss this fashion wave.

Written By: Ms. Burr, IG: Msburrberry, Twitter: iammsburr, SC:msburrberry


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