Style Spotlight: Keisha Burr

Style Spotlight: Keisha Burr

I can’t wait until the day that the world gets to see and appreciate the gift that Keisha Burr has. I believe sometimes we don’t recognize how gifted and talented we truly are and it takes others to sometime coach it out of us. I was thinking who can I feature next and without a doubt I knew I had to shine light on my girl. Some may read this and think I am bias since she is one of my closest friends in the industry, but honestly, I love her work. I am really a FAN and you will be too after you get to know her. Check out her interview below!
1. Who are you and what do you doI am Ms Burr; most know me as Keisha, a wardrobe stylist & Costume Designer

2. How did you know this is what you wanted to do? When I was about 15, I would watch music videos & wonder who picked the clothes for the artist in the videos later learning that there was a job called stylist. They were responsible for being the director’s/artist’s dream come to life. 
3. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? In California working on major motion films, red carpet events & have a solid client base. (Let’s just say, I am touching and agreeing)
4. What do you like and dislike about today’s fashion/style?  Likes: the artistry is coming back into fashion. Dislikes: everyone wants to look the same. It’s only hot if a celeb is wearing it or something similar. 
5. Describe your ideal closet? It has to be walk-in with good blazers, eclectic shoes, hats, amazing accessories & a variety of clothing.
6. A trend that has caught your eye this year? I’d have to say the 90’s trend. It was a dope era. 
7. What is style to you? Style to me is art. It’s how an individual chooses to  interpret how they feel using clothing.
8. Lastly, what is your influence? My influence is to make sure a story is told. This is whether I’m styling a shoot or show even costuming a film or play. I consider myself an artist. We get to show people how we see things. Some use paint, metal or wood; I prefer fabric. 
 What do you think people take from you? That I am who I am. I don’t allow societal norms to dictate my style. 
Catch more from Ms. Burr via social media at  IG: @msburrberry,FB: MsKeisha Burr

Twitter: @iammsburr,SC: HeyyyYoKeis

Ps. I am still waiting on that ACCESSORY store! If you all know Ms. Burr personally, ask her what’s up with the accessory store. Matter of fact, even if you don’t know her…go to her social media profile and ask her! 2017 is the year of action and the way has already been made!  🙂 Lets pull out the best in each other!

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