The Big Legged Struggle!

The Big Legged Struggle!

Okay ladies, I know you hate it when winter comes and you can never find any boots to fit your legs. Grrrr, I have been battling with this issue since I was a teenager. All of the thigh-high boots were made for everyone but my legs. Ha! But they done step their game up, honey! I found a bunch of thigh-high boots that solve all my thickalicious! Check out: some of my spies below!

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The key to finding the perfect boot that fits thick legs or thighs is finding the stretch! Once you find boots that have some give to it, then you have the perfect boot for you!
Now test my theory and thank me later as you STRUT in your stylish boots.
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J the style spy,
Lace Boots: Image:
Caged Boots:

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