Designer Spotlight: Bobby K

Designer Spotlight: Bobby K

Hey Spies, Now you know I am always getting the scoop on the latest designers, so I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring you the hottest designers! This spotlight designer is no rookie in the game, or my blog but we have never introduced him like this before.
I was granted the opportunity to view another one of Bobby K’s Fashion Show’s. If you all have read the spotlight featuring Argie Mitra, I mentioned the show that both designers put together. I was intrigued by the behind the scenes process it took for the designers to put together such an amazing line. I wondered what the inspiration was behind the line, and how did they choose to use certain materials, models,  and the line name etc. Well you know what they say curiosity kills the cat but this cat didn’t die;Instead, I got the inside scoop!  Oh Darling, Thank me later!
Meet Bobby K:15000089_1274143605942266_7931070830555308561_o
1. My name is Bobby Kelley and I’m an apparel designer, founding my own label BOBBY K design in 2006.
2. The inspiration for my collection was literally my childhood. I was always kind of a misfit and a weird kid, and my dad snuck me in to see beetle juice, and Wynona Ryder’s character “Lydia” literally connected with me on a visceral level. My entire childhood I followed her religiously, and kind of always found solace in the fact that, while mainstream, she never fit in, and she owned it and made it her own. I remembered these emotions vividly this past spring and knew I had to dedicate a collection to her. I’d call it my love letter to her. I decided to call the collection “BOBBY K’S school for delinquent girls”, because my brand has always been about the downtown girl with an edge, and the idea of where the BOBBY K girl (or boy) got there start was really exciting to me. It was kind of an aesthetic prequel.

3. I just celebrated 10 years with BOBBY K design. (WOW, This is AWESOME! I am excited to see where you will end up in years to come. Lucky me, I have proof, so you can’t act like you have never met me in the future. LOL Jk, Maybe!)
4. I have always had a need to create. I didn’t pursue art in higher education, but I was always fascinated with clothes, accessories, and dolls, so as a hobby I started doing rudimentary sewing and construction, had my grandma teach me some things, and I went full steam ahead.
5. All black everything. Long everything.
6. My influences have always been environmental. Music, art, people, situations, anything that causes an emotion. I’ve always been very connected to my experiences, and they typically guide me into my next influence. I try not to look into other designers too much, because for me, it’s kind of like chasing trends? If you have it together, it happens naturally. I think I tend to leave people with a notion of excitement for what could be, and what we can do together. My personal goal is to inspire others and create a legacy within that.
Rules are meant to be BROKEN!  If you would like to purchase any of Bobby K’S designs you can check him out at  Bobby K design
Instagram: Bobby K Design
Facebook: Bobby K design

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