Testing Blues

Testing Blues

I am not quite sure, where to start with these pass few months of testing blues. For those of you who don’t know my story personally,I will catch you up. When I first signed up for school it wasn’t something that I desired to do. I figured that I could be a stylist without a degree. Eventually, I started thinking about going back to school for journalism but I procrastinated. When I finally decided to go back, I started at my local community college called FSCJ. I had so many hours that I only need about 6 classes before I received my Associate’s Degree.
Now I have to ramble because you have to understand my testing blues. Before, I went to college in 2005, I had to take my SAT’S and when I took the test my scores wasn’t high enough to get in a university. I was the valedictorian of my small class and couldn’t get into a good school. ūüôĀ  I had prayed and failed at that time I felt like God betrayed me. They say ask and you shall received so I couldn’t understand why I didn’t score high. I heard the act’s was easier, so I took the test but was too afraid of the disappointment that I never got my results. Almost 11 years later and I am not sure what my scores were. I signed up for FSCJ and started doing course work toward my associates, However, I knew I wanted to be a fashion stylist so I left FSCJ and went to the Miami University of Art and Design. I took a few classes at MIU and came right back home because of financial issues. I am back at square one and feeling like once again the good lord has disappointed me. Instead of giving up I booked a photo-shoot and styled my friends. Thank God for them!  As years had bypassed I was content with styling and no college education, but the good lord decided I needed a degree. So now here we are!  I am a junior at UNF and in order for me to continue my coursework, I have to pass a grammar exam! PEW! I am currently on take 4 and tomorrow I will be on take 5!  These testing blues really broke me down! Like seriously, I cried because I need to stay on track and I want to study abroad in may!  I know I am on this sob story tangent and even then I understand that there is a devil who wants to oppress you and make you feel like God has forgotten you. This simple test that means so much to my degree and the enemy keep hindering me from going forth.
I realize now that this isn’t even about me because I know the information on the test! I will sign off now and pray!

Images by MD Photos
Body suit: Chicmobb
Skirt/shoes: Rainbow


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