Check yourself!

Check yourself!

Sometimes we will try to be everything to everyone and still put ourselves last. I decided that this wasn’t the year for me to play super save a person to everyone and leave myself hanging. Have you ever notice that you can be good to everyone else but still find away to be cruel to yourself? I mean that’s foolish right? Well guess what, we have all done it. Your friend or significant other can desperately need your help and you become their biggest cheerleader and help them reach their goals but put yours on hold. Ohhh NO! I am not doing that anymore.I can remember dating a guy and I was begging for him to see ME! While, I was crying out for him to notice me, I lost myself. I am sort of kind of get complacent with people and I really don’t like change. I mean once I get to know someone, I want that person to be around forever and because of that I had to let go the hard way. In the process, I found myself and vowed to NEVEERRRRRR EVERRRRRR beg someone to see value in me! Honey, if he don’t know he has someone AMAZING, then he will never know and that’s okay.
I know I said this would be all about fashion so I have to throw in some fashion! đŸ™‚ I will continue to share my thoughts as well! YAY! My very own personal diary! LOL! Thank you for reading and please subscribe!

Outfit details: Slip Dress: Rainbow /Purse/ Faux pompom / Faux fur
Boots: Just Fab
Images by MDPhotos, you can find her on via Instagram: Mdphotos
PS. Love you gurl or nobody else will!

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