Golden Globes HIT or MISS?

Golden Globes HIT or MISS?

Hey guys, you know I had to voice my opinion about the Golden Globes wardrobe. Below you will find some looks that I think was a hit ,and then some looks that I am still wondering what in the hell were they thinking.
Hit it or Miss it:
Janelle Monae: HIT! This woman has strategically, found away to cultivate these colors. I never knew black and white could be so graceful,elegant and amazing until Janelle Monae. I mean, one would think that by now, you will get bored with the same colors, but she is keeping us in awe.

Sofia Vegara: HIT! She looks stunning in Zuhair Murad!
Kerry Washington: Hit….maybe! At first, I wasn’t so sure, but she really does look amazing. Her makeup and hair is perfect for this dress. The dress by itself would stay on the designers rack, but her glam team made it come alive. Just focus on the top half of her and you will see the vision.
Sarah Jessica Parker: Miss! I love the dress but it’s wrinkled! Like did the stylist not have a steamer. A portable steamer would be perfect for a dress like this.I love the fact the she played homage to Carrie fisher! Anyone who knows me know I love sex n the city. I mean what fashionista doesn’t but I hate her makeup! She looks older and in my opinion, it is not the best fit! I am sorry, Sarah! Grrr! I really love Carrie!
Chissy Teigen: Miss! She looks great and her hair and makeup looks amazing,but I hate this dress! So it’s going to be a NO for me! Maybe if Queen Elizabeth was wearing it, I would have a change of heart but as of right now, its a NO!
Oliva Culpo: HITTTTTTTT! This formal USA looks amazing! Amazing! I overly love this look. Did I mention she looks amazing? IJS!
Olivia Culpo
Jessica Biel: WTH! MISSSSSS! EWWW, I really hate this look. I am not a fan of flat chest and deep V necklines. Awww, I was trying to be nice!
Lilly Collins: Hit! She looks Amazing!
It’s so many that I can go on and on about but I will play it safe! Stay tuned to my Instagram page for my top four looks.
Thank you for reading, and until next time!
-Style Spy


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