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Last year I had the honor of attending a fashion show that two designers put together to raise money for an art school.However, due to website glitches, I was never able to share my experience, but I’m back and it’s never too late.

This designer spotlight shines light on the talented fashion stylist/designer, Argie Mitra. Argie and Bobby K put on an amazing fashion show, both collections had a voice. They were cohesive throughout the entire collection and that’s a good thing. I,for one get bored with collections that shows no cohesion. Lol, it’s really like a wire hanger in your closet, out of place, but back on topic. When I was getting my post together I did an interview on both Argie and Bobby K. (Stay tuned for Bobby K’s) I asked both of them a few questions to get to know them better as an artist! I know many times people admire artist work,but they don’t know the depth of the creativity that is in the masterpiece. So get to know Argie Mitra below!
1.Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Argie Mitra and I’m a creative soul! That’s the short version of saying I am a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, seamstress, painter, graphic designer, and anything else that is creative and fun.
2.Inspiration behind your collection? Inspiration behind the name?
The collection is called “Let Them Eat Cake!” It is inspired by the quote itself, which is said to have been uttered by Marie Antoinette in response to a bread shortage. I loved how fanciful and opulent the royal French lived, and was especially fascinated by how Marie Antoinette had a play farm where she could escape court life and pretend to tend to animals. However, it is not actually provable in history she ever said those words, so I wanted to also explore the idea that nothing is ever as it seems.

3.How long have you been designing?
I have been designing for 5 years.
4.How did you get started?
After I graduated with my degree in painting, I decided to design and do what I wanted to go to school for originally!
5.What do you like and dislike about today’s fashion?
I love that more than ever we can see cultural influence in fashion, and there are myriad styles and ways of dressing. You aren’t beholden to look a certain way because for the most part, we’ve learned to accept individuality. I can’t even really say I dislike anything because even the most traditional brands are embracing inclusivity and the industry is favoring eco-friendly brands and introducing strict laws on the types of models runway shows use.
6.Describe your ideal closet?
Ideally, my closet is ⅕ my own designs, ⅕ awesome vintage finds, ⅕ Alexander McQueen, ⅕ a mix of indie and up and coming brands, and ⅕ Lululemon because let’s be real, I’m super basic and need to be comfy. LOL
7.Lastly, what is your influence? What do you think people take from you?
My influence can be anything! I am constantly inspired by everything in my day to day life, anywhere from mushrooms on a hiking trail, to the way water crashes in a waterfall. I hope that people take from me the idea that creativity is boundless, you just have to get started.
Thank you Argie for allowing me to spy all up in your business. If you’ll so happen to have a sweet tooth you can eat cake at


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