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Fall in Florida

Honey, we have a chill and I’m so excited! I was praying to God that this weather would bring some type of chill. Being a Floridian, I’m use to experiencing summer when it should be cool. I envisioned myself sipping…


One Dress styled three ways plus a dose of lashes!

A great closet is one that consists of items that can be paired in more than one way. These items are known as staple pieces. ( shameless plug: look out for my ebook for more in-depth staple pieces.) A while…


Surprise Destination Trip

It has always been on my bucket list to get in the car and drive until I feel like I can’t drive anymore and stop in a city that I’ve never been. Last month a good friend asked me to…


D.I.Y Gem Turban

Everyone loves a good headpiece. I recently saw another beauty influencer by the name of Janee Barbre rock a similar headband at Essence festival. Let’s just say, I saw it and immediately fell in love but it was sold out.…


FNTM, D2R Filmz,and GS presents Model Mansion

1. Who’s Leamber and why do we need to know her? LeAmber is the owner of Florida’s Next Top Model. She is a professional model developer. She meets models in their raw state and helps them grow into something worth…


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