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Daily Fashion Talk: J.Bolden

From med school to fashion, one stylist changed his entire career path while working retail. Jason Bolden is a celebrity stylist from St. Louis, Missouri. Bolden was born on February 27, 1982. His first client was Gabrielle Union and now…


Daily Fashion Talk: Jason Rembert

Hey gurrllll, Heyyyy! Today, we are talking about Jason Rembert. Now, I know you’re wondering who in the world is that, but fret not because I am about to give you all the deets. Jason Rembert is a celebrity stylist…


Daily Fashion Talk: Laquan Smith

Hey guys, let’s chat: As promised, I’m featuring African American designers that are showcasing this week at NYFW. (I am trying something new and sharing these post on my website for now on. I realize that some of my spies…


Fall in Florida

Honey, we have a chill and I’m so excited! I was praying to God that this weather would bring some type of chill. Being a Floridian, I’m use to experiencing summer when it should be cool. I envisioned myself sipping…


One Dress styled three ways plus a dose of lashes!

A great closet is one that consists of items that can be paired in more than one way. These items are known as staple pieces. ( shameless plug: look out for my ebook for more in-depth staple pieces.) A while…


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