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Daily Fashion Talk: Korto Momolu

Heyyyyy Gurl, Hey! It’s time for some girl chat! As you’ll know from my previous post that I am chatting about black designers that are presenting at NYFW! Today, I will be chatting about Korto Momolu. Korto Momolu which is…


Moving woes: ATL style.

Hey gurl hey! OMG, I’ve been away forever. 😭😭😭😭😭 I promise I’m going to be more consistent in a few months. I’ve sooooo many content ideas that I’ve been racking up on. For now, I wanted to fill you in…


32 wishes: Birthday Edition

It’s my birthday and I can be fly if I want too lol! I’m over here aging like fine wine and decided that this year I would make 32 declarations.I know it’s custom for you to blowout your candles and…


A Valentine’s Day D.I.Y: Feather maxi robe

Heyyy gurl hey, Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’ve been wanting to recreate this super cute feather robe. Lol, if you’re a lover of texture than this is the perfect robe for you. Granted my version isn’t as extravagant but…


I almost lost my mojo because of my “feelings”

Hey gurrrrl hey! Last week, I found myself questioning whether or not I was lacking creativity or plain out lazy! The answer to my question is I am lazy! I procrastinate and do things based off of my feelings which…


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