• Hey gurl hey! OMG, I’ve been away forever. 😭😭😭😭😭 I promise I’m going to …
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  • It’s my birthday and I can be fly if I want too lol! I’…
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  • Heyyy gurl hey, Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’ve been wanting to recreate …
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  • Hey gurrrrl hey! Last week, I found myself questioning whether or not I was lacking …
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  • Moving woes: ATL style.
    32 wishes: Birthday Edition

    For the longest, I was insecure about my weight. I didn’t want anyone taking pictures of me because it showed every inch of my body that I hated.

    Not to mention, I have always been careful about who I shared my business with. I would literally write in a diary before I spilled my personal tea. Until one day, I realized the gift of transparency and my size meant nothing! Sooooo, I am here shameless, bold, and transparent.

    I am serving a daily dose of fashion, a little tea and adventure.

    A Valentine’s Day D.I.Y: Feather maxi robe
    I almost lost my mojo because of my “feelings”
    Publix Shopping Haul: Vegan Style

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